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How to Make Money With a Vacation Rental

Wondering how to make money with your vacation rental? You may not know it from the way Jerry and Sandra’s modern coastal cottage looks and rents now, but not so long ago they were vacation rental newbies. They were unsure of when exactly the high-season would start and stop, they were concerned about the flow of reservations coming in, which equals income, and their home didn’t even have the Coastal Cottage flair that it has […]

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Top Sanibel Vacation Rentals For Large Groups

Large group trips can become one of the most amazing times of our lives, where we bond with our travel companions and reminisce for years to come. Explore our top Sanibel vacation rentals for large groups and start planning your vacation today! Traveling as a large group often means inside jokes, hilarious stories, learning more about how to travel efficiently, and of course, plenty of laughs. We at BVP love group travel and any chance […]

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Traveling Post-Pandemic

As borders closed, events became canceled and home became the new office, the travel industry was forced to begin to get creative. During a collective effort to keep lives safe, an industry that profits from people leaving their houses were left wondering how they were going to pick up the pieces of broken family vacations. For now, traveling post-pandemic may look different in a number of ways. But what changes can travelers expect in both […]

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Surge In Vacation Home Interest

Has the Pandemic skeeved you out on hotels? Does work from home sound more like work from anywhere?? We get it. While we have already done a blog post on why a vacation rental property on Sanibel Island or Captiva Island is a profitable investment, did you know that there has been a huge surge in interest in buying a second vacation home? If you’ve been dreaming of buying that cottage on the beach, now […]

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Sanibel Island Or Captiva Island?

Life is full of tough decisions, and where you’re going to stay on vacation shouldn’t be one of them. Choosing between two tropical paradises sounds like a pretty luxurious decision, right? We are going to give you the low-down on Sanibel Island and Captiva Island, so when you’re looking to book your next vacation your only decision should be which SPF to wear. Sanibel Island is a happily eclectic mix of wildlife and tourist destinations. […]

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Discover The Back Bay of Sanibel And Captiva

We know that Sanibel and Captiva Islands are famous for their sugar sands, tropical weather, and emerald waters. What some may not know, however, is that the Islands of Sanibel and Captiva are actually 67% protected conservation land. With unique interior freshwater wetlands and miles of mangrove mazes, there are some amazing hidden gems to discover off of the beaten beach path. Next time you’re down in the Islands, be sure to check out everything […]

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5 Ways To Stay Health Conscious On Your Next Sanibel Island Vacation

We all know that ditching the everyday routine is one of the major perks of vacation.  But, does that mean that we also have to ditch our everyday pant size at the end of the trip? Unless you specifically plan your trip around ways to stay healthy, (If you do, please teach us your ways.) we rounded up 5 ways to keep up with your healthy habits while you’re on your next Sanibel Island vacation.  […]

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3 Ways To Save Money On Sanibel Island

When was the last time you went on vacation? If the thought of getting out to sunny Sanibel Island is making you see coconuts and swaying palm trees, it may be time! While vacations can have many additional costs attached, we’ve rounded up a few ways to save that money while preparing to return to Paradise. 1.Don’t drive to the beach  This may have you shaking your head in confusion, I get it.  Sanibel and […]

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3 Cozy Cottages to Reconnect at on Sanibel Island

Imagine a place with Southern hospitality, constant tropical weather, breathtaking beaches, miles of bike paths, and vintage Island chic vibes. This magical place is real and goes by the name of Sanibel Island.  Like soulmates, the beach and romance are inseparable. Whether you’re looking for honeymoon inspiration or a bonding getaway, there’s the perfect Cottage for everyone. So you can focus on letting those sparks dance, explore our guide for the top 3 coziest Cottages […]

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Vacation Like a Local on Sanibel Island

There are many ways you can subtly—or not so subtly—poke fun at someone’s fashion sense, and telling them they look like a tourist ranks pretty high on that list.  On that note, the fashion blogs have unanimously announced that the fanny pack is having a comeback, so haters lay off my hip purse. When you vacation on a little Island like Sanibel, blending in is not so much about wearing socks with your sandals, but […]

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