Property Management Services on Sanibel Island, FL

BreakAway Vacation Properties began by building a business around one single-family home on Sanibel, which had no previous rental history prior to our management. That start-up property now produces an annual 14.5% return in investment for its owner.  As we have grown, we now boast five-star average reviews and are ranked as “exceptional” on VRBO. Our properties are waitlisted year after year with repeat guests, and first-time guests longing to book with us.

What sets us apart from competitors?

Honestly and not coincidentally, it’s us. We are incredibly hard-working, drive for results Midwesterners, who believe that grit, rigor, attention to detail and hospitality are the keys to success. Our passion for the islands, real estate, interior design, sales, marketing, customer service, finance, and our people are what differentiates us. We live here and play here. Nobody knows the islands better!

We are on location checking properties, meeting guests, delivering wine or placing flowers in the entry-way for each special guest! We consistently, and happily go the extra mile. We invest in our relationships with our guests BEFORE they arrive. They get to know us, and we get to know them. We can easily quantify the difference relationships make when it comes to the vacation rental business

Our guests come back year after year!

Our guest and owner facing staff are experienced luxury sales, marketing, and customer service professionals. Our business career experience in operations management, process improvement, finance, and technology enables flawless execution, operationally, and administratively. The talent we have on board has received extensive sales training, resulting in a high rate of inquiry to reservation transition. It may seem simple, but there is science to our occupancy success. Our guests are the life of this business, and our alliance is to the owners in our portfolio.

All our owners are real estate investors on some level.

Whether you are using your property seasonally, once a year on spring break, or are a true real estate investor, you want a return on your investment. We understand that more than anything! We are adept at obtaining more through inexpensive, yet meaningful ideas. Finding the balance between occupancy and revenue is what we do better.

We perform perpetual market analysis and make swift business minded decisions with that data. We have dedicated vacation planners that listen to the guest’s ideal dream vacation thoughts and generate bookings from there.

Our interior design services are complimentary!

In connection with our Interior Design profession, we have business partnerships with home décor wholesalers, and can extend pricing discounts to our owners when needed, to replace a tired rug or outdated furniture. We can help you design the perfect rental home if necessary. In parallel, we influence more bookings, and generate more revenue.

Add in the enthusiasm for all things Sanibel and Captiva, where to stay, dine, rest and play.

We are on social media every day, posting a turtle crossing the street, a manatee in the bay, glorious shells on the beach. We invite everyone we interact with to follow us on Instagram where we grow our following and launch social media marketing campaigns to drive growth and revenue to our properties.

Whether you are an investor, own a second home on Sanibel, or are a seasonal resident, please give us a call. We would love to talk to you about putting your property to work for you in our program!