About Us

Kim O'Brien, Owner and Founder of Breakaway Vacation Properties, began coming to Sanibel as a young girl and fell in love with the islands. In 2013, while living in Chicago with her three sons, she purchased a single family home close to the beach in Sanibel. From owning a vacation rental, she immediately fell in love with sharing her experience and welcoming guests to the islands. 


In 2015, Kim moved to Sanibel full-time and founded Breakaway Vacation Properties two years later. Adding new vacation rentals one at a time, Kim's focus has always been authenticity, transparency, and creating epic stays for guests while staying owner-centric and driven to achieve a five star experience in every stay. 


Kim now lives on the island with her sons and physically see properties regularly while welcoming guests with her amazing team. At Breakaway Vacation Properties, we are committed to bringing modern technological solutions while maintaining a personal touch with guests and homeowners.