3 Ways To Save Money On Sanibel Island

When was the last time you went on vacation? If the thought of getting out to sunny Sanibel Island is making you see coconuts and swaying palm trees, it may be time! While vacations can have many additional costs attached, we’ve rounded up a few ways to save that money while preparing to return to Paradise. 1.Don’t drive to the beach  This may have you shaking your head in confusion, I get it.  Sanibel and […]

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Rainy Days To-Do on Sanibel Island

As I sit typing this, there is a distinct rumbling coming in from outside. It’s mid-afternoon, but you don’t need a clock to know that. Summer storms on Sanibel Island are predictable and almost timely as if Mother Nature has an important appointment to show up for. While perfect weather is never a guarantee on Sanibel Island, what we CAN guarantee is that just because there may be some rain, doesn’t mean that the day […]

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