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*7 ~ PO Box Suite ~ Jensen's "On the Gulf"


Dwelling on the past is only a positive when you book your stay in PO Box #7. The enchanting bungalow was once a major hub of Captiva Island as the local Post Office, and now it is yours to lodge in for your next vacation. Fully renovated yet still retaining the classic charm of Captiva’s heyday, PO Box #7 lives splendidly large while managing to remain within budgetary means. Once you lift the latch on the famed wooden gate surrounded by private hedges, sea grapes, palm trees and twinkling cafe lights you are instantly transported to exclusive tropical seclusion of the vintage persuasion. Everything one needs is located right at your fingertips in this designed-for-two garden atelier. Famed Andy Rosse Ln, with countless restaurants, a convenience store and water rentals, is only an 8-minute walk from your bungalow.  Enjoy the private beach at your fingertips, and rest your head on the plush king-sized bed or take a leisure nap on the loveseat that was perfectly developed for post-beach lounging. Whether you are a history buff or looking for a stay with coastal casual flair, we have no doubt that PO Box #7 will always deliver.