Traveling Post-Pandemic

10/25/2020 | by Kaitlin | Things to know Vacation Rentals

As borders closed, events became canceled and home became the new office, the travel industry was forced to begin to get creative.

During a collective effort to keep lives safe, an industry that profits from people leaving their houses were left wondering how they were going to pick up the pieces of broken family vacations. For now, traveling post-pandemic may look different in a number of ways. But what changes can travelers expect in both the short and long-term? We’ve done our research on how the “new normal” eventually will become just “normal” in the post-coronavirus world.

Expect fewer crowds and experiences at tourist magnets

Imagine the scene: temperature checks; visitors and crew in masks; rides, lines and seats spaced to allow for social distancing; and interactions from afar, if at all. Limited Capacities, more staff on hand to keep people appropriately distanced from each other, face masks for everyone and cleaning throughout the day are also expected.

Travelers Staying Closer To Home

Before Americans start hopping on long flights or jetting around the world, experts believe they will first start their traveling post-pandemic by venturing out closer to home. “Our research actually says that leisure travel is going to be among the first to come back,” said Roger Dow, the chief executive of the U.S. Travel Association, in a media call last month. “It’ll be driving distance and shorter flights regionally.”

Increase Demand For Home Rentals

During the pandemic, many companies realized (finally) that productivity was possible outside of the office. Now that working remotely is the new office culture, expect to see a trend of traveling post-pandemic where people take longer trips that combine work and pleasure or even purchase second homes for vacations. The pandemic has created a great demand for experiences away from crowds. Until a coronavirus vaccine is found, that preference for private home rentals will likely continue.

Cleaning Protocol Overhauls

Once upon a time, the cleanliness star rating on a review was just another detail travelers glanced at before booking a vacation rental. The coronavirus redefined the importance of cleanliness. Enhanced sanitation steps were designed to not only keep traveling post-pandemic safe but also to reassure the public that it’s not a bad thing to being to travel again. Unlike emergency cancellation policies put into place during the pandemic, we believe the new emphasis on sanitation will extend well into the future. Here at BreakAway Vacation Properties, we ensure that our cleaning crews are consistently up to date with all current sanitation requirements to ensure complete unit disinfecting. Coupled with contactless check-in and check out, COVID 19 has hyper-heightened our awareness around cleanliness at BVP.

Traveling for the purpose of interacting with other people is practically nonexistent now. It’s still not clear what trade shows, community events, concerts and festivals will look like on Sanibel in the coming months and years if they happen at all. The Coronavirus pandemic has changed all of our worlds, and not just in the short-term. The one constant we have seen is that we can adapt, and we can overcome. 

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