5 Ways To Stay Health Conscious On Your Next Sanibel Island Vacation

09/28/2020 | by Kaitlin | Best Kept Secrets Places To Go Things to know Vacation Rentals

We all know that ditching the everyday routine is one of the major perks of vacation.

 But, does that mean that we also have to ditch our everyday pant size at the end of the trip? Unless you specifically plan your trip around ways to stay healthy, (If you do, please teach us your ways.) we rounded up 5 ways to keep up with your healthy habits while you’re on your next Sanibel Island vacation. 

1. Eat the foods you love.

Now, this may sound like common sense, but hear us out. On Sanibel Island, most of the food that you’ll find is going to be tropical fare. Think tropical fruits like Coconuts and pineapples, and seafood reigns supreme. There’s nothing fun about going to a destination and avoiding food the place is known for that you also love just because it’s not “healthy.”  If you have a favorite or something you’ve been looking forward to, enjoy it! Appreciating the flavors, textures, and the way it tastes, so that you can truly enjoy it, is a way to savor vacation.

2. Find Local eateries that cater specifically to healthy/health-conscious lifestyles.

There are plenty of locally-owned restaurants on Sanibel Island that cater specifically to whole foods, vegetarian and healthy lifestyles! When you Visit Sanibel Island, you would be doing yourself an injustice if you didn’t stop by local favorite spots like Spoondrift. Spoondrifts’ motto is that an on-the-go beach lifestyle demands fresh, delicious, and healthy food. Try their ‘create your way’ poke bowls and see why their main ingredient is a special one: love! Another spot we have to mention is The Sanibel Sprout. The Sprout is an organic gourmet vegan café and juice bar, and the vegan meals are so delicious it makes you happy to be healthy!

3. Rent a Bike!

Renting a bicycle is a great option for staying healthy on vacation, especially if the distances between sites are a little further. When you stay at The Parrot Nest or Periwinkle Cottages, bikes are included in your stay for free! We always recommend calling Billy’s Bike Rentals. Cycling is a fun way to explore Sanibel and Captiva, especially since it’s how the locals do it too. Just make sure you brush up on the road rules for wherever you are first!

4. Join a local health class.

Just because you’re away from home doesn’t mean you can’t participate in any fitness classes. Staying fit and healthy when you travel can be as easy as joining in on a local class. The Sanibel Community House often holds free classes like yoga or aerobics, and they’re open to the public. You can also find a gym that lets you pay per class. Maybe even spice it up and try something different while you’re traveling like a casual dance class. It’s a fun way to improve your fitness and you don’t need to worry about looking silly since you won’t be back!

5. Don’t Skimp on the Sleep-and RELAX!

Our bodies don’t only crave rest and relaxation, they need it! Crossing time zones, physically traveling a lot, and carrying luggage wherever we go can really take a toll. Make sure you use some of your hard-earned vacation time for sleeping! Find ways to de-stress like reading a book on the beach, taking a shelling excursion, or meditating in the morning before you start your day. Making sure your mental health is in check shouldn’t be put on the back burner when staying healthy on vacation!

Vacation should be renewing not only for your mind but for your body as well. Keeping up with your health resolutions and habits shouldn’t be too difficult if you remember to pack these tips!

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