Vacation Like a Local on Sanibel Island

09/04/2020 | by Kaitlin | Places To Go Things To Do Things to know

There are many ways you can subtly—or not so subtly—poke fun at someone’s fashion sense, and telling them they look like a tourist ranks pretty high on that list. 

On that note, the fashion blogs have unanimously announced that the fanny pack is having a comeback, so haters lay off my hip purse. When you vacation on a little Island like Sanibel, blending in is not so much about wearing socks with your sandals, but more so immersing yourself in the culture of what our little piece of paradise has to offer. If you want to vacation like a local on Sanibel Island then grab your sunscreen and dad hat, and read on!


This is what you came here for! And it’s what our parents came here for-hence why we are the locals! Grab your beach chair, cooler, and towel and head for one of the popular beaches the Island has to offer. Now don’t just hit the Causeway Islands and call it a day-I mean make the drive down Sanibel Captiva Rd, ride it until you get to the last S curve and the beach spills out to the road. All while you have Two Tickets to Paradise by Eddie Money blaring, of course. 


When you’re ready for a beach break, lucky for you The Lazy Flamingo is across the street! Walk on over and play the famous ring toss game while you wait for the best Grouper sandwich ever. You’re welcome! You’ll find locals bellied up to the bar, talking about the day’s fishing charters or neighborhood happenings, and likely make a friend or two by your second beer. 



Granted you took it easy at The Lazy Flamingo, now is the time to get on your Billy’s Bike’s rental bike and take a cruise down Periwinkle Way under the giant shade trees. The wide bike path snakes through large Pines, Oaks, and Cabbage Palms. You’ll pass shopping, residential neighborhoods, and beach accesses. 

Photo by Brian Tietz


Now that you’ve worked up an appetite, you have to stop at Doc Fords. The spirit of this sports bar was inspired by its namesake Doc Ford, the marine biologist who is the main character of Randy Wayne White’s novels.  Doc Ford’s Sanibel Rum Bar and Grille is an entirely different kind of sports bar concept. You’ll find gourmet finger foods, a fabulous Rum Bar, and superb cuisine inspired by the rural tropics.


Closeout your night at a true local fun spot. George and Wendy’s is the jam for nightlife on Sanibel. The restaurant is also an art gallery, hosting local art pieces from artists around the island. Mix in a lively atmosphere, amazing live music, and a full bar, and you’ve found your spot for anywhere from a night cap…to maybe one too many. 

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