Vacation Home Or Hotel Stay?

08/25/2020 | by Kaitlin | Best Kept Secrets Things to know Vacation Rentals

Sitting under a lanai, breaking out the board games. Grilling under a warm night sky, or preparing for a family dinner while the kids frolic in the pool beside you. Can’t you just see it?

When you rent a vacation home, you can achieve this kind of vacation experience for a fraction of the cost of a typical hotel stay (that is likely at an even less desirable location!) But in case you needed more reasons, we generated a quick pro-tip list on why you should book a home, cottage or condo rather than a hotel for your next vacation.

Large families save more money by booking larger vacation rental homes.

Hotel rooms can cost nearly $300-500 per night excluding taxes and fees. Let’s not even mention all of the extra fees added on such as parking and resort fees. That’s in addition to paying for meals and excursions.

Access to beach equipment, bicycles, kayaks- some for free!?

It’s likely that your vacation home with us will have some or all of this as part of your TOTAL cost… no need to book a hotel stay where you may be charged additional resort fees for the so-called “included amenities.”

At your vacation home, it’s YOUR pool and hot tub, on YOUR hours.

Hotels often close their communal pool areas by sunset and kick guests out. What if relaxing in a hot tub under the starry sky with a glass of wine at your leisure is just what you need after a long day of fishing or beach-going? A vacation home is your own private oasis to use the time and way that you see fit. No security to come and tell you to go to your room!

How long can you really live without Fido?

Most Sanibel single-family vacation rentals have a 28 day minimum on rentals.  A hotel may not be so inclined to approve our beloved pets, but in many of our vacation homes, the invitation to bring the furry family member is always open! In Fact, Sea La Vie has even provided a comfy doggie bed, food and water bowls, and a leash!

Maybe most importantly, lots more space!

On average, a vacation home gives you more than 1,300 square feet in which to stretch out, unwind, and enjoy. By comparison, hotel rooms are virtual shoeboxes with an average of just 325 square feet.

Last but not least… Sanibel Vacation homes provide the perfect setting to gather together and reflect on the experiences you’ve shared, and to start planning your next adventure! There’s nothing more special than a family dinner around the table. Those are precious moments and we are so proud to be able to provide you and your family with stunning homes to create memories to last lifetimes in!

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